The Difference between Quartzite Kitchen Counter and Quartz

Quartzite kitchen counter – Quartz and quartzite countertops have hard, non-porous and durable surfaces that require low maintenance. Both surfaces are easy to keep clean and sanitary with a soft cloth and household cleaner surface. However, there are some differences between these countertops to consider before making a purchase. The main difference is the composition between the two surfaces. Quartz is a hard mineral consisting of silica and oxygen. A quartz countertop created by combining 93 percent quartz with polymer resins and pigments. This artificial, engineered bench is heat, scratch- and chemical resistant. The surface of the quartz can be very smooth, making it very desirable for countertop use. Quartzite is a hard, metamorphic rock composed of quartz grains and derived from sandstone. Quartzite countertops are slightly harder than quartz countertops, and are resistant to heat from pots and pans and most household acids. Many installers prefer to work with quartz, because it is more flexible to work with than quartzite.

The difference between quartzite kitchen Counter and quartz in colors, quartz countertops are available in a rich palette of colors and patterns than quartzite kitchen counter. Quartz has a multidimensional, gem-like color. Because quartz countertops are engineered, most colors brought out in the surface by pigmentation. They can be found in white, smoky yellow, pink, rose, violet, opaque, yellow and brown. Pure quartzite countertops are usually a snowy white or gray. Quartzite may also be available in shades of depending on amounts of iron oxide in the rock pink, copper and red.

To cost, natural quartz countertops is more expensive than quartzite countertops. At the time of this publication, quartz countertops cost an average of $ 62.40 to 73.29 per square meter. Quartzite kitchen counter cost about $ 36.80 to $ 57.71 per square foot. The estimated cost may vary by ZIP code and the size of the project. Consumers should expect to pay an extra four to 12 percent of the cost of materials and installation of complex bench installation configurations. Availability, quartz countertops have grown in popularity, with sales in the US increased by 60 percent in 2004. In terms of availability, quartz is more common than quartzite kitchen counter, as it is in other areas.

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