Problems with Soapstone Kitchen Counter

Soapstone kitchen counter – Whether you want a rustic vibe, traditional look, or country atmosphere, soapstone countertops gives a timeless feel. Homeowners have chosen for soapstone countertops and sinks for hundreds of years. Warm, darkens the distinctive charcoal-colored material over time, and reveals a dark patina. The soap material feels soft and smooth, and countertops can last 100 years. Consists of talc and quartz, soapstone resists burning and stains. Impervious to acids, citrus and tomato juice makes the material ideal surface for chemistry labs as well. Despite its many advantages, May soapstone is not suitable for any kitchen. Maintenance soapstone kitchen counter, in order to maintain its color and appearance, requires soapstone monthly applications of mineral oil. Without regular program material will appear rough and lusterless. The messy maintenance proves to be too much for homeowners who hate granite high maintenance. Every month you have to remove everything from the dishes and do the old clothes. If you cannot make the time commitment, bypass this material.

Although soapstone kitchen counter resists heat and stains, not the material does not resist scratching. If you do not religiously apply mineral oil, your bench is shown borne by all the dents and scratches. The top and edges is eventually worn, but grinding can remove most scratches. Even meticulous homeowners inevitably create scuff marks and scrape marks. Some homeowners do not mind the lack of patina, while others regret choosing such an imperfect surface. If you cannot forgive a few superficial stains, select a harder material than soapstone.

Limited colors, if you want an infinite variety of color options to choose from, you will not find much of a selection of soapstone kitchen counter. Soapstone comes in one color choices – gray. With use and time, turning soapstone eventually spotted a black color. Most tiles offers subtle veins of white, but the material is otherwise smooth. Environmental and quality issues, Brazil supplies most of soapstone kitchen counter for sale in the United States Shipping stone requires a lot of energy and creates air pollution in the process. To reduce the environmental concerns, buying soapstone from one of the few remaining quarry on the east coast. Make sure you actually buy soapstone, which should feel soapy to the touch. Rogue traders trying to pass off low-grade marble, soapstone.

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