Paint Medium Wood Kitchen Cabinet

Medium wood kitchen cabinet – If you have considered replacing your kitchen shutters, you should consider painting them first. Painting cabinets are a wonderful way to restore a new life to them without the expense of installing new ones. Many people are surprised at how a little change like this can completely change a kitchen. Painting cabinets are not a difficult project to do, but it takes some care and attention to detail to make sure it’s coming out right. How to paint medium wood kitchen cabinet white, remove cabinet doors and remove handles and hinges. Lay the doors down on several sheets of newspaper to protect your work surface. Clean all cabinet surfaces, walls and doors with a multi-surface cleaner and paper towel. Tape away all areas that you want to be protected from the color with low tackiness target tape. Cover any nearby floor and worktops with a plastic tarpaulin.

How to paint medium wood kitchen cabinet white; fill any holes or chunks with wooden kits using a filler plug. Allow the flask to dry. Sand the entire cabinet surface with 100-slip paper, following the direction of the wood fibers. This will prepare the wood to accept primer. You can sand the corners and trim by hand with a grinder, but an electric palm grinder will make sand flat surfaces much faster. Clean the dust with a damp paper towel. Brush on a layer of primer, first against the wood fibers, then with it to ensure full coverage. Grind the surface with 200-grit sandpaper to smooth brush strokes and prepare primer for paint. Wash the dust with a damp paper towel.

After that to paint medium wood kitchen cabinet white, apply a second layer of primer if you paint dark wood. Let it dry and sand it as you did the first coat. By this point, the wood fibers should be leveled out. Paint the cabinet surfaces with the white color of your choice. Use a chisel lace brush to make sure you cover all angles and cranks. You can also spray paint on either a can of spray paint or using a spray gun. Allow the paint to dry and apply a second layer if necessary. Replace the hardware and doors of the cabinets.

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