Ideas for Modern Shabby Chic Style Kitchen

Shabby-chic style kitchen – The Shabby Chic is a decorative style that has derived from rustic chic and vintage creating its own essence. Although we can not catalog it independently, this type of decoration has managed to attract many people, especially women, who are overwhelmed by their beautiful interiors, which can refer to fairy tales or films based on the novels of Jane Austen. Monkeys, adorable and flirty, so we can describe the Shabby Chic kitchens. Shabby chic kitchens One of the basic characteristics of Shabby Chic is the use of white colors and pastels.

At first glance, this Shabby-chic style kitchen of interiors may seem like the decoration of a cake with butter cream, for the necessity of everything to stay in place and come out perfect. This chromatic range offers relaxed, soft and sweet environments, which in turn makes them very feminine and familiar. Shabby chic kitchens The furniture molding s are also typical in kitchens Shabby Chic, from there you can remind both rustic and country style. The basic difference is that in the rustic decor are often used dark colored furniture such as earth or brown, while in Shabby Chic decor these are usually warm colors.     Shabby chic kitchens. Another feature that we must emphasize of the Shabby Chic kitchens is the overcrowding. In this type of interiors, there are usually many accessories and decorative elements, making it sometimes seem too ornate or rococo.

Shabby chic kitchens Cushions with embroidery or with printed fabrics of colors, decorative cages, large windows with wooden frames. The Shabby-chic style kitchen can remind us in some way to an interior of the Victorian era, that is why many of the fans of this style are very fans Of Pride and Prejudice and other novels of British origin of the time. Shabby chic kitchens Finally, it is also typical that the Shabby Chic kitchen decoration contains many vintage and retro elements since its familiar aspect is mainly due to it reminds us of the houses of yesteryear where everything seemed close and authentic.

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