Cleaning Travertine Kitchen Floor

Travertine kitchen floor – Travertine is an exciting material that can be used also for flooring. The coarse structure and the uneven seams give a rustic appearance, and they can be filled with grout of a different color to give a lively floor. Travertine available in several designs, both cut and uneven edges with the smooth or porous surface in gray, yellow or orange-brown. If you want a rustic flooring, choose jagged edges and almost sponge-like surface. Although it is difficult to put it nicely, but once in place, they provide exciting and vibrant floors with varying joint width and color.

Travertine is a popular stone used for countertops and floors, giving a natural stone look that is a little lighter and more subtle than marble or granite. This stone will last a lifetime when cared for properly, making it a wise investment as flooring for your home. Cleaning and care of travertine kitchen floor properly, keep a few inexpensive cleaning tools handy, and clean surface that is needed when you notice dirt and debris accumulation. To cleaning, you need to prepare a spray bottle, water, mild detergent, and Mop. Also preparation a cleaning mop and floor mats.

Now time to do that, first mop floors with a mop to remove light dust and dry residues. Then mop floors with a mop cleaning sat easily with plain water and dry over travertine. The third step is to fill a spray bottle with 2 ml water and 3 injects detergent. Turn the cap on the bottle and shake. Then, spray soapy water on the travertine to remove heavy debris. This works especially well in the kitchen areas where food and sticky substances accumulate on the floor. Spray a 3-foot square some time. The last step you need to dry the soapy water with a damp mop cloth soaked in water. This removes soap and water, together with any lifting residues. Let travertine air dry. Following this tips when doing this activity. Place floor mats at all entrances that will pull debris off shoes before people go over travertine floors. That so easy way to cleaning travertine kitchen floor.

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